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Embroidered Ultrasound Image Lets Blind Dad-To-Be ‘See’ His Baby

"I could have gone my whole life never knowing what that scan looked like."

Twitter / NathanEdge94

While pregnancy is primarily focused on the one growing the baby, there are many milestones for dads on the journey. Everything from the moment finding out a baby is on the way, running to the store for the first pregnancy craving, and watching the baby grow at each appointment is an exciting moment for parents-to-be. For Nathan Edge, being able to “see” his baby’s 12-week ultrasound photo was a gift he’ll never forget.

The 26-year-old dad-to-be from the United Kingdom joined his girlfriend for their baby’s 12-week ultrasound scan. Bringing home that first ultrasound photo and showing it to excited extended family members left Nathan feeling a bit down. Not because he wasn’t thrilled about becoming a dad, but he’s completely blind, and he wasn’t able to see his baby’s ultrasound in a way that others were able to.

“When we got home, we shared the scans with our family, and everybody was getting excited about seeing the baby for the first time,” he told TODAY Parents. “Being blind rarely ever gets me down — I’ve come to terms with it very well — but suddenly it hit me, ‘I’ll never be able to see this scan.'”

A local guide dog trainer, Deb Fisher, had the perfect solution, and she reached out to Nathan’s pregnant girlfriend, Emma Fotheringham. Although she had no experience, Deb pledged to embroider a version of their baby’s ultrasound photo so that Nathan could “see” his baby in a tactile way through his fingertips.

After a few weeks of planning and crafting from Deb, Emma surprised Nathan with their baby’s embroidered ultrasound picture.

“How incredible is this,” the dad-to-be tweeted along with a photo of the crafted ultrasound picture. “Received this amazing surprise today… it’s an embroided tactile version of our 12 week baby scan, so for the first time as a blind dad to be, I’m able to build a picture of our baby scan through touch,” he said. “Can’t describe how amazing this is.”

Since sharing the ultrasound photo on Twitter, the couple announced they’re expecting a boy and are keeping their new fans up to date on their YouTube channel.