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Elon Musk is Going to Sell ‘Rock Legos’ for Real Construction

Musk is back at it, selling random, yet awesome crap again.


As it moves forward on plans to carve giant tunnels beneath American cities, Elon Musk’s Boring Company has announced that it will begin selling big “Lego-like” rocks that can be used for the real construction of sculptures and buildings. The rocks are the leftovers from the Boring Company’s tunneling machines. While the prospect of lego-like rocks large enough to build with sounds exciting, it also sounds very heavy. But it looks like Musk has an answer to that as well.

The Boring Company CEO compared the structure of the rocks to the inside of a wing spar on an airplane. Just like a wing spar, the rocks will be hollowed out just enough so that they’re sturdy, but not too heavy for kids (or, let’s be real, adults) to drag around the backyard. The rocks are also rated for California seismic load. This means that, like many of the skyscrapers in Los Angeles and throughout California, they are specifically designed to fight against topple-age. This does not, however, guarantee that no one is going to get conked on the noggin.

If the idea of lego-rocks sounds weird to you, Musk surely doesn’t care. The Boring Company has been, paradoxically, a means for Musk to be unpredictable and random. Late last year, the Boring Company sold 50,000 hats, which was unusual but not exciting. Then, just a few months later, they sold $3.5 million worth of flamethrowers. After that, Musk launched a Tesla into space.

The dude seems like he’s having a good time. And now he’s come up with a way to have a good time in the backyard.

It’ll be fun to see what kind of things people build with the lego-rocks. Maybe Musk and Lego might actually partner and start selling really elaborate Lego-rock sets modeled after structures like Stonehenge or the Pyramid of Giza? There would likely be a market for that. People love legos and people seem to like buildings. Combining the two might be a blast.