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Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up As Ellen Gives His Son an Amazing Gift

Let's just say she did more than send flowers.


Yesterday, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was a guest on his longtime friend Ellen’s daytime talk show. He was there to promote his upcoming gig hosting the Oscars this Sunday night. Instead of chatting Academy Awards, however, the conversation quickly turned to Kimmel’s son Billy, who has a congenital heart defect and underwent heart surgery just three days after birth. Ellen not only expressed how glad she was that Billy is okay but also gushed about how much Kimmel’s emotional monologues about his son touched both her and millions of viewers. And then she gave him an amazing surprise gift that brought him to tears.

Actually, she waited until Kimmel finished telling a funny story about his days as a struggling wedding DJ before she broke the big news: She had managed to get one of the rooms on the Heart Institute floor of the LA Children’s Hospital named after Kimmel’s son. Ellen then showed a live stream of the room, which had a sign next to the door that read “In Honor of Billy Kimmel.” To top it off, the surgeon who performed Billy’s operation was in the video cheering as the name was revealed to Kimmel.

Kimmel was understandably overcome with emotion and fought back tears as he thanked his friend for her incredibly thoughtful gift. As if that wasn’t enough, Ellen then proceeded to inform an already emotionally fragile Kimmel that some of the nurses who took care of Billy during his hospital stay were actually in the audience. And they were all getting cars! Okay, that’s not true but just having them there was still an incredibly generous gesture. Watch Kimmel react to it all in the clip above.