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Elementary School Students Hospitalized After Accidentally Eating Weed Gummies

At least nine students were taken to the hospital when it was discovered they had ingested the marijuana candy.

Getty Images

A mom was arrested and is now facing child endangerment charges after it was discovered that her nine-year-old son brought her weed gummies to school and distributed them to other students, resulting in at least nine kids between the ages of 5-9 being sent to the hospital.

The incident occurred on Monday when aides at Anton Grdina School in Cleveland, Ohio noticed that several students were complaining about stomach pain. It was then discovered that the students had eaten gummies that had an odd wrapper, prompting the aides to then call the police, who came to the school to try and figure out what happened. Eventually, nine of the 14 kids who ingested the candy were taken to the hospital.

After an investigation, Cleveland Police was able to confirm that the candy was distributed by a student who took the gummy bears from his mother, whose name is not being released at this time due to the nature of the charges. According to the police report, the boy received the marijuana gummy bears after his mom and aunt had thrown a party the day before.

After speaking with the boy, the police then spoke with his mother before arresting her and charging her with child endangerment. The police also spoke with his aunt but she was not arrested.

“Although most of our students were not involved in this incident … I am taking time to remind ALL parents and caregivers of the importance of keeping medicines and other items that may be harmful to children locked up,” the principal of Anton Grdina School said in her statement. “Thank you for the opportunity to use the incident today as a teachable moment for our school community of our shared responsibility to keep our students safe.”

While medical marijuana is legal in a variety of forms in Ohio, recreational use remains illegal.