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Jesse Looks Doomed to Become the Next Walter White in New ‘El Camino’ Trailer

In a post-Walter world, Jesse seems doomed to repeat his mistakes.

Breaking Bad wasn’t just a title; it was an ethos that suffused every episode of that show, the transformation of Walter White from meek chemistry teacher to ruthless criminal. A pair of trailers suggest that El Camino will show Jesse Pinkman go through a similar transformation.

This isn’t exactly a surprise. Jesse was a fairly malleable dude on the show, from low-level dirtbag to expert meth cook to, by the finale, longtime captive of Jack’s White Supremacist Gang, a trauma that—along with being a fugitive—looks like it could put him over the edge.

El Camino picks up in the aftermath. A teaser trailer released during Sunday’s Emmy Awards shows a newly freed Jesse in the middle of the desert, sitting in the titular vehicle. The radio news tuning describes the massacre Walter left behind: “nine male victims” and a “staggering” level of carnage thanks to a remote-controlled machine gun. “Investigators are looking for a person of interest who fled the scene.”

In a longer trailer posted today, it’s clear that the aforementioned person of interest is Jesse.

He arrives at a house occupied by Skinny Pete and Badger, who look surprised to see him alive. There’s some rest and a shower—gun firmly on the bathroom window, the paranoia still there—before Jesse takes his scarred body and soul back into the world. “Black Water” by Reuben in the Dark plays throughout the trailer.

“I saw my face in the mirror
Though I know I’ve changed
Though I look
Much the same”

If that’s not a description of Jesse’s plight, I don’t know what is.

The rest of the trailer is brief flashes of the film. Jesse sitting petrified in his car as a cavalcade of cops rides by. A photo of Andrea and Brock Castillo, the family that Jesse briefly had, is seen clipped up. A car speeding into the vast desert and Jesse plunging a shovel into the dirt.

Back in the city, a timelapse into nighttime gives way to a scene with a beetle climbing onto his hand—a nice touch given Jesse’s history with bugs. There’s a brief shot of a junkyard with Jesse’s mugshot on a TV in the foreground and a welding torch seemingly set up as an explosive before the zenith of the trailer. The music swells and cuts out. Framed by a hand hovering over a sidearm, Jesse’s face comes into focus.

“You ready?” a gruff voice asks.

“Yeah,” Jesse replies.

Same here. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie comes to Netflix on October 11.