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Study Says Eggs Might Be The Best Breakfast For Your Kid

Flickr / Brave Heart

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the important part being getting your kid to put anything in their face before it’s 5 minutes after you were supposed to be out the door. But research suggests you should take your time, or what little of it you have, and consider breaking some eggs, instead. Your kid can (and will) handle the demolition of everything else in your morning’s path, and besides, the store’s fresh out of Eggos.

The study, published in the journal Eating Behaviors, found that 8-to-10-year-olds who ate a 350-calorie breakfast of eggs consumed less at lunch and remained fuller throughout the day, even after playing physical games, compared to kids who ate comparable breakfasts of cereal and oatmeal — that’s “porridge” for you parents on the other side of the pond and/or nursery rhyme bears. Overall, egg eaters cut their lunchtime calorie intake by 70 calories, about 4 percent of a child’s daily intake, and were less hangry with the lunch lady across the board.

This doesn’t just cut down on the number of string cheeses your kid has to keep stashed in their socks, it cuts down on their risk of obesity, which is mostly why this is important. If you don’t think you have the bandwidth to whip up eggs with every breakfast, consider these findings added motivation to teach the kid to cook for themselves one day. If they’re not much of a chef, then get them started on engineering, because you’re both going to need a breakfast machine to pull this off every morning. And a ton of ketchup.

[H/T] The Independent