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eBay’s Retro Star Wars Sale Has the Cool Stuff You Actually Want

This stuff is legit.

There’s a ton of new Star Wars stuff out right now, a slew of toys and Legos aimed at kids, which is great. But if you search your feelings and get in touch with the real Force, you’ll realize that you would prefer some retro Star Wars stuff from your childhood over anything new. eBay knows this, which is why they’re launching a Death Star-sized sale on the vintage side of the Force.

As the official Star Wars brand celebrates “Triple Force Friday” — a huge marketing ploy designed to get you to buy a bunch of new Star Wars stuff — eBay has sneakily gotten in on the action by featuring a bunch of used collectibles, elegant collectibles targeted at older fans from a more civilized age. Here’s a sampling of just a few things eBay is offering right now.

  • A 1977 Star Wars banner
  • A vintage 1980 Yoda action figure
  • A Star Wars comic book from 1976 signed by Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher
  • A Star Wars comic book from 1983 published by Marvel and signed by Stan Lee.

You can check out everything Star Wars-related that eBay has to offer right here. But, be warned, not all of this stuff is cheap!