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Breakfast Might Be Important But Eating It Won’t Have Any Affect On Your Dadbod

You’ve been told for years that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day,” and responsible for improved mood, metabolism, and memory. You’re also a parent, so you know that mood, metabolism, and memory are a sucker’s game played by single people — much like having time to make bacon and eggs. So, here’s some good news: new research suggests that breakfast eaters aren’t notably more healthy than you.

One Canadian study looked at data from 12,000 non-obese adults collected as a part of the Canadian Community Health Survey and found that while men were less likely to eat breakfast than women, eating breakfast did not make a difference in whether they were overweight or not. An additional study of obese adults published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition concluded that despite breakfast consumption leading to more physical activity, it didn’t result in any more weight loss than in those who fasted in the morning. If you’re not already a breakfast eater, it seems that starting now will do more for the fluctuating cereal industry than it will for your fluctuating dadbod.

As exciting as this might sound to parents who have run out of cash to bribe their kids to eat every morning, it’s important to note that both studies looked at the breakfast habits of adults only, so you should probably still feed your kids before sending them out the door. As for you, it apparently doesn’t much matter what you throw in your face, so long as it’s soaked in coffee.