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Early Reviews for ‘IT: Chapter Two’ Are In and Critics Say It’s as Good as the First

Critics are praising the film's mix of humor and horror.

Warner Bros.

Film sequels are notoriously challenging (and often poorly-received), but the stakes are even higher when the source material is a legendary voice like Stephen King. 2017’s film adaptation of King’s famous thriller received rave reviews (and a cool $700 million at the box office worldwide), so many critics went into It: Chapter Two with a fair amount of skepticism. But early reviews, for the most part, praise the sequel for its spectacular performances and adherence to King’s vision.

It director Andy Muschietti returned to lead Chapter Two, in which deranged clown Pennywise returns to torment the grown-up members of the Losers’ Club. The cast includes mega-stars like Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. Early reviews praise cast’s chemistry, and it’s unanimously agreed that Bill Hader was the breakout star. Many are even calling for his Oscar consideration. “Bill Hader is every-bit the scene-stealing standout we all hoped he’d be,” Haleigh Foutch of Collider wrote on Twitter.

Fright-lovers will be pleased, as it looks like the film is just as scary (if not more so) than the first. Paul Shirey of says Chapter Two features “great shocks and scares” and “creepy jump scares galore.”

Of course, there are critics who feel the film was a bit too ambitious. “I liked it, but didn’t LOVE it,” says Sean O’Connell of Cinema Blend. “Nails important aspects from the book, but feels overlong.” Others called out the excessive length of the film as well.

It’s impossible to please everyone, but overall, it seems like the sequel honors Stephen King’s story and the fans who’ve loved it for years. It: Chapter Two hits theaters everywhere on September 6th.