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Early ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ Reviews Tease Shocking Twist Ending

Prepare yourself.

Warner Bros.

While we’re counting down the days until Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald is released on November 16, some very lucky Fantastic Beasts fans got to see the new movie over the weekend. They were instructed by J.K. Rowling, Eddie Redmayne and other stars of the movie to “protect the secrets,” but thankfully these special moviegoers were allowed to tweet out their initial reactions.

Some fans are worried about the second movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise for a number of reasons. Controversial casting choice Johnny Depp is likely to play a larger part in the movie (as his character’s name is in the title). Some are also concerned that Rowling will try to stuff in as many Harry Potter references as possible by adding even more characters like Voldemort’s trusty serpent sidekick, Nagini, which will weigh down the film and feel like cheap fan service.

The first fan reviews are in and the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. Fans seem to think that this second film in Rowling’s new franchise is better than the first. The characters, special effects, magical beasts, and even Depp’s performance are being praised in the early screening.

Something that’s also mentioned frequently in these Fantastic Beasts tweets is nostalgia. In a featurette, Rowling revealed that the gang is, in fact, going back to Hogwarts. Whatever the scenes at Hogwarts show, they certainly have tugged on fans’ heartstrings.

The most important hint from the fans is that there’s a shocking twist near the end of the film. Even seasoned HP fans were completely caught off guard. Of course, they couldn’t say anything more about this due to their unbreakable vows to “protect the secrets” until the movie opens.

Crimes of Grindelwald seems to tap into the Harry Potter book mania where theories ran rampant and fans formed Harry Potter websites to exchange them.

The film critics have yet to see it, so the official Rotten Tomatoes percentage hasn’t been calculated yet. The fans, who are extraordinarily protective of this beloved franchise, have (seemingly) already spoken.