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‘The Eagle Huntress’ Movie Is About A Badass Mongolian Girl Who Hunts. With An Eagle

The Eagle Huntress

Your kid’s entertainment tastes probably don’t typically align with Sundance selections, but The Eagle Huntress is no Memento. It’s a badass documentary that follows a 13-year old Mongolian girl trying to become one of the first female eagle hunters in her culture’s 2,000-year history. Meanwhile, you’re just trying to get your daughter to not roll her eyes at you by the time she’s 13.

Aisholpan Nurgaiv comes from a family of nomadic Kazakh herders in the Altai mountains region of Mongolia, one of the most remote parts of the world. One of the ways they kill animals for food and clothing is by training golden eagle chicks to become their hunting partners. The custom has been passed down from generation to generation exclusively to boys, but now Aisholpan and her eagle Akkatnat (aka White Wings) are taking on 70 male competitors in the annual Golden Eagle Festival. Cue Just Like A White Winged Dove.

The Eagle Huntress was produced by Morgan Spurlock, and Rey from The Force Awakens, otherwise known as Daisy Ridley, who narrates it as well. It also features a theme song from Sia, because apparently The Steve Miller Band and The Eagles weren’t available. But if you can let that go, it’s set for limited release on October 28, which should give you some time to prepare your kid for a bougie art house theater.

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