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A Geophysicist Cleverly Used The Rock to Explain Rocks to Twitter

She has a convincing argument about what kind of rock The Rock actually is.

A scientist is using The Rock to explain rocks on Twitter. Quite frankly, it rocks.

According to her Twitter bio, McKinnon is a “field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, science writer, [and] public speaker.” In a thread posted last week, McKinnon sought to use her geological knowledge to deduce what kind of rock Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson is, explaining basic geological concepts in the process.

McKinnon’s tweets have attracted thousands of likes, evidence that the public’s love for The Rock is an effective and entertaining way to spread knowledge about rocks. She begins her thread with a question that seems simple but, as you’ll see, is actually kind of complicated.

In the following tweets, McKinnon explains and elaborates on that conclusion in a way that’s truly delightful, thanks in no small part to the pitch-perfect GIFs McKinnon attached to each one. First up: why The Rock can’t be igneous or sedimentary.

But beyond explaining why he isn’t either of those types, McKinnon also takes the time to prove why he is metamorphic.

And if you accept her reasoning, the natural next question to ask is what kind of metamorphic rock is The Rock: foliated or non-foliated? Foliation is a geologic word for the repetitive layering that is sometimes found in metamorphic rocks.

At this point, the thread veers into general scientific foundations before swerving back to a brand-new conclusion, as any scientist would when confronted with convincing conflicting evidence.

But which kind of foliated rock is he? McKinnon has a definitive answer.

A thread from a geophysicist using her impressive knowledge of the life and career of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to create an entertaining and educational thread? It’s all solid evidence that, much like the Rock himself, this thread is…gneiss.