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The Rock Has Fun Baby-Talking With His Daughter

"Would you like those chilled or on the rocks?"

Instagram: The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson may be a mega movie star, but if his social media is any indication, he’s just like any other dad. He helps feed his wife while she breastfeeds, he teaches his daughters new words, and he accidentally embarrasses his family with his ridiculous antics. And over the weekend, Johnson did a bit of bonding with his 3-month-old daughter Tiana using a little baby talk. Based on her adorable and hilarious reaction, it looks like Johnson might be raising a future chatterbox.

The video, which was uploaded by Johnson’s longtime partner Laura Hashian’s Instagram, begins with him asking Tiana in a soothing voice, “Would you like those chilled or on the rocks?” Tiana then begins to squeal in excitement, as though she really wanted her dad to know how she takes her cocktails. Although once Tiana began ‘talking,’ she couldn’t be stopped. She even managed to interrupt her dad several times with her enthusiastic babbling. Of course, Johnson didn’t mind being talked over, as he kept noting how much he loved hearing Tiana speak.

Morning convos! ????☕️

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It can be easy to dismiss baby talk as a dumb (and insanely annoying) thing that people do with babies for no actual reason. But according to Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, a developmental psychologist and professor at Temple University, baby talk actually helps develop a child’s language skills.

“Instinctually, we know there are certain accommodations we can make in language to others that will make it more identifiable and clear,” Hirsh-Pasek told Fatherly.

So while it might seem like the Rock is just goofing around with his newborn, he’s actually helping Tiana get a leg up when it comes to talking. After all, while she may not be saying actual words in the video, Tiana already seems to be trying to communicate with her parents.