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Watch the Rock Dote Over His Daughter in Adorable Video

She's definitely a daddy's girl.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be a busy man but he always makes time for what’s most important: his daughter. And in a cute clip posted to Instagram Tuesday morning, three-year-old Jasmine shares a special moment with her doting dad.

“When this lil’ estrogenic mini-me waits for me at the door and says ‘Daddy, have a great work today’.. I scoop her up and start to [fish] for [compliments],” Johnson captioned the post, adding that “she’s exactly what I needed to see before hoppin’ in my pick up to go and shoot the biggest and most meaningful magazine cover of my career.”

In the video, Johnson holds his daughter in his arms while prompting her with questions like “Can you say ‘I love you?'” and “Can you say mini-me?” before showering her with kisses. Jasmine is happy to oblige and adorably lets her dad know how much she loves him. One of the sweetest moments is when he asks, “Who’s the best daddy in the world?” and Jasmine grins while patting his chest.

The Rock then clarified what he meant by fishing for compliments in his caption: “I’m 97% sure I bribed Jazzy with broccoli to say nice things about me when the camera is rolling. Don’t judge. It’s how I roll.”

And people on Instagram definitely weren’t judging the 46-year-old, instead praising his obviously strong bond with his little girl. “There’s nothing like father daughter love,” commented one fan, while another joked, “When you bribe your children with BROCCOLI that’s how you know you’re winning at parenting.”