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The Rock Trolls Kevin Hart With a Little Help from Baby Yoda

It's the latest in a long line of Photoshop burns between the 'Jumanji' co-stars.

JillyHendrix, Adam.The.Creator/Instagram; via therock/Instagram

All hail Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian treasure’s meme power is so great that he’s even being used to promote movies that take place outside of the Star Wars universe.

Case in point: with Jumanji: The Next Level coming to theaters in less than a week, it was high time for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to reignite his social media “feud” with co-star and best bud Kevin Hart. The 6′ 5″ Johnson usually jokes about how short Hart is, at a nice and compact 5′ 4″. Comparing him to Baby Yoda, whose smallness is one of his cutest attributes, was a natural choice, particular at the zenith of the little guy’s cultural power.

The end result? This Instagram post, which is rapidly approaching seven million likes just two days after it was posted.

It’s just delightful, and part of why it works is that Johnson is being self-deprecating by repurposing the picture of himself, shirtless, holding daughter Tiana Gia as a newborn, the kind of picture that’s undeniably sweet but that your friends might rib you about nonetheless.

Johnson refers to his relationship with Hart as his “other marriage,” and the Baby Yoda post is the latest in a long line of affectionately mocking Instagram posts between the two stars.

There was Hart’s Halloween costume, the infamous turtleneck-and-fanny-pack outfit from Johnson’s younger days.

At times their relationship has seemed a bit…too personal.

But we’ll end with this gem of a Photoshop, which seems to sum up the energy of their friendship fairly well.