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Dwayne Johnson Is Glad He’s ‘Surrounded’ By Daughters at Home

"Every man wants a son, but every man needs a daughter."


Dwayne Johnson may seem like the personification of the word “manly” but that doesn’t stop the mega-jacked action star from getting vulnerable and expressing his feelings, especially when it comes to his three daughters. Johnson posted a tribute on Instagram to his daughters while reflecting on his experience as being a dad to only girls, writing that “my girls have become the great equalizers in my life” along with a photo of him holding hands with his two-year-old daughter Tiana.

“Every man wants a son, but every man needs a daughter,” Johnson also wrote.

As a former wrestler and football star who is basically pure muscle, it’s easy to see why Johnson envisioned himself raising boys but it’s clear how much raising daughters has affected Johnson and helped him grown as a man. Johnson explained how happy he is to have raised his daughters, writing that he is “surrounded by estrogen and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He shared a similar sentiment in an interview with Jimmy Fallon a few years ago when he was discussing his feelings about having a third daughter, as his wife was pregnant with Tiana at the time.

“I feel good,” Johnson told Fallon. “I was raised by women all my life, basically. And this is my third daughter. [I’m] surrounded by estrogen. Bring on the estrogen!”

Johnson absolutely adores his daughters and is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy, even if it means getting his nails painted. The Fast & Furious star concluded his post with a bit of shameless sentimentality, saying how much he loves getting to hold hands with his daughter, despite knowing that she will likely outgrow it sooner than he’d like.

“I hope she never gets tired of holding these big ol’ dinosaur hands, though I suspect one day she will,” Johnson wrote.