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Keanu Reeves’ ‘Toy Story 4’ Character Is a Hilarious Canadian Evil Knievel Knock-Off

Meet Duke Caboom.

From the moment we heard that Keanu Reeves would be voicing an unannounced character in Toy Story 4, we were both excited and intrigued by the GOAT action star‘s mysterious involvement in the upcoming sequel. Thanks to a brand new clip, we now know that Reeves will be playing Duke Caboom, a toy version of a Canadian Evil Knievel rip-off, and based on the short clip, we wouldn’t be surprised if Reeves’ character ended up stealing the spotlight from Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang.

The clip introduces Caboom in a fake Maple Leaf Toy commercial that declares him “the most spectacular daredevil Canada has ever seen” while showing the mustachioed motorcyclist casually soaring through the sky at heights that would make the rest of us soil our trousers.

But the toy version of Caboom is shown to be slightly more Hot Rod than Knievel than his commercial counterpart, as he declares, “It’s not real! It’s a commercial! I can’t jump that far!”

However, while he may not literally be able to fly hundreds of feet through the air, he still looks totally badass thanks to his sweet handlebar mustache, his dope helmet, and his rad as hell maple leaf cape. And he also shows off a few of his coolest poses to Woody and Bo Peep, although they don’t seem all that impressed. Hopefully, Caboom has a big role in Toy Story 4, as we could all use a little more Keanu in our lives.

Toy Story 4 comes to theaters June 21, 2019.