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Dad Hilariously Steamrolls Son for Foul Ball

The situation certainly didn't call for this much urgency

A dad who was super enthused about a foul ball barrelled over his son in a valiant attempt to make a catch earlier this week in Miami. The father and son duo were hanging out in field level seating at Marlins Park when Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon sliced a foul ball down the first base line. The father, seeing an opportunity but not his neon-clad son, leaped to retrieve the foul ball, upending both his son and the folding chairs. To add insult to injury, dear old dad not only missed the catch but literally hurdles over his prone son to scramble for the loose ball.

Look, getting a foul ball is totally exciting. But there are some things about this situation that are a bit … odd. First off, what’s the deal with the folding chairs, Miami? Second off, was there need for so much urgency considering the pair were basically the only ones in their section, essentially guaranteeing the ball was theirs? And finally, maybe don’t hurdle over the son who may or may not be injured to snag a sure thing foul ball from a mediocre third baseman.

In the end, it all worked out though. The kid was given the ball, the father was given a high five and the folding chair was unbroken and put back in its proper place.