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Drinking Star Wars Booze Will Be Easier at Disney World Than Disneyland

Plus, booze-versions of some classic Star Wars...milk?

Credit: Lucasfilm

Remember that scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo brown-bag some forties of Miller High Life at Echo Base on Hoth? Oh, you forgot? I think it’s in my super-secret directors cut. But, anyway, the point is, people in Star Wars usually drink booze when they are in space cantinas, which is mostly true of real life, too. At Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, if you want to drink space booze, you have to do it in Olga’s Cantina. But, soon, if you want to feel the Force-buzz in Florida, you won’t even need to be inside of a bar.

On Thursday, WDW News (Walt Disney World News) broke the news that all though two food courts in Galaxy’s Edge were dry at Disneyland, their Disney World counterparts will have alcohol. According to the report from WDW: “Disney has confirmed the presence of alcoholic beverages at both food locations that did not have alcohol at Disneyland. Both Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo and Ronto Roasters will each feature two alcoholic beverages.”

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Batuu's about to get lit 🔥 Alcoholic Blue and Green Milks have been added to the menus at Milk Stand in Disney's Hollywood Studios! Now you can try these divisive space-based "milks" with the option of tequila (green milk) or rum (blue milk) and see which one you like best! 🥛 Have you tried Blue or Green Milk yet? Which one is your favorite? (Or do you just hate them both? 😭) Swipe up in our stories or head to the site for news on this and more alcoholic specialty beverages landing in Batuu! . . . . #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #disneyshollywoodstudios #hollywoodstudios #ripbackstagestudiotour #ripstreetsofamerica #batuu #blackspireoutpost #starwars #galaxysedge #galaxysedgepreviews #starwarsgalaxysedge #passholderpreviews #disneyparks #disneyparksnews #bluemilk #milkstand #greenmilk #greenmilkcooler #bluemilkcooler #alcoholicbluemilk #holdmybluemilk #wdwnt

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The report also claimed that Disney World will add alcoholic versions of Blue Milk and Green Milk to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which again, did not exist at the Disneyland version of the attraction. And in case you forgot, Blue Milk is what Luke drank at the dinner table in the original Star Wars movie in 1977, and green milk is what Luke drank out of that alien sea cow’s breast in The Last Jedi. So, yes, Disney World is now offering you a booze-filled version of something that is basically space-animal breast milk. Let’s try explaining that one to the kids, shall we?

Credit: Lucasfilm

Galaxy’s Edge will open at Disney World in Orlando, Flordia on August 29, 2019.