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Drinking at Disney World Just Got Easier for Parents

Disney just took another big step forward when it comes to drinking at their parks.

WIki Commons

As theme parks like SeaWorld and Busch Gardens try and keep up with the likes of Disney parks by starting to sell or give away alcohol, Disney just announced that every sit-down restaurant within Magic Kingdom will now sell alcohol. Parents of the world, rejoice—your time has finally come.

According to a press release from Disney, three restaurants in Magic Kingdom have added beer and wine to their menus. Visitors 21-years-old and up can now indulge at the Plaza Restaurant, a sandwiches and salads spot; the Crystal Palace, a buffet; and the Diamond Horseshoe, also a dinner buffet.

Walking and boozing are still off the table as you won’t be able to go grab a cocktail at the myriad of food stands throughout the park, but despite that, this is still a big step in a very different direction for Disney parks. Park visitors have long been able to drink at Epcot, and back in 2012, Disney started serving alcohol at the Beauty and the Beast inspired restaurant Be Our Guest. They took a few steps forward again in 2016 when they began serving alcohol in a few more park restaurants, but this is one of the biggest leaps they’ve made in terms of giving older park goers a chance to rest with something stiff during a long day of park going.

Walt Disney originally banned alcohol from the park because he didn’t want to disrupt the family, and thus kid-friendly, atmosphere with a bunch of tipsy adults walking around everywhere. It was a reasonable enough point and it’s likely that waiters will be relatively quick to cut off potentially problematic imbibers. After all, no one wants the Happiest Place on Earth to turn into Busch Gardens.