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Video of Drew Brees Playing an Extreme Game of Catch With His Sons Goes Viral

The Saints quarterback is having an MVP season and it looks like his kids may be his secret weapon.

Instagram: Drew Brees

Despite being only a few months away from turning 40, Drew Brees is currently enjoying the best season of his career, garnering serious MVP consideration by completing more than 76 percent of his passes while throwing 18 touchdowns and only one interception. The New Orleans Saints quarterback may have revealed his secret for stiff-arming Father Time in his latest Instagram video, which shows Brees playing an extreme game of catch with his three sons.

In the video, Brees is giving his arm a real workout, as he is forced to complete passes to Baylen, 9, Bowen, 7, and Callen, 6, in rapid succession as they make diving catches on the couch. The boys are clearly having a blast getting to play receiver for their future Hall of Fame father, as massive smiles are plastered on each of their faces. Rylen, Brees’ four-year-old daughter, can be seen jumping excitedly on the couch but we assume once she’s older she’ll be pulling in passes alongside her older brothers.

Brees posted the video on his Instagram last night with the caption: “My wife must really love me…she gets the kids fed, bathed, quiet and ready for bed…then Dad walks in the door and…..”  The video quickly went viral, receiving over 550,000 views and more than 160,000 likes in less than 24 hours. Former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Andrew Hawkins had a bit of fun with the video, noting that Brees may be an “incredible father” but a deeper analysis of the video shows that Brees’ accuracy and pass selection leave a lot to be desired.