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This Drag Queen’s Baby Shark Performance is Perfect

A remix you'll actually want to listen to.

Marti Gould Cummings/Twitter

What do you get when you cross ‘Baby Shark‘ with a drag queen? An over-the-top remix that goes viral on social media, like the recent rendition performed by Marti Gould Cummings for a toddler at a drag brunch in New Jersey.

“Saturday we decided to do a ‘drag roulette,’ where the audience picks a bunch of songs for us to perform at random,” Cummings told NBC News. “I asked the little boy what he wanted to see performed, because he had been paying attention when I got to their table, and he asked for ‘Baby Shark.’ The DJ quickly found the song online, and we added it to the playlist for him.”

In the video, which was filmed at Talde restaurant in Jersey City, the two-year-old bounces on his dad’s knee and claps along enthusiastically as Cummings performs the popular children’s song.

While the majority of the comments on Twitter, where the video has garnered over 633,000 views, have been overwhelmingly positive, there was one troll who asked “what the hell kind of a place” would let children come to a drag event.

To which Cummings clapped back, “A place that is welcoming to everyone. Where joy is spread and hate isn’t [allowed] through the doors.”

He echoed that sentiment in his interview with NBC, saying, “Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong… It would be nice if us adults could let the child inside of us out for a little bit, so maybe we could all be a little more accepting of others ourselves.”