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Dora the Explorer Is Heading to the Big Screen

The movie is being produced by Michael Bay and written by the mind behind the recent Muppet movies.

When you think of Michael Bay, explosions, robots in disguise, and Victoria Secret models are probably the first things that pop in your head. But the director and producer is bringing Dora the Explorer to the big screen. With Bay at the helm, what will the bilingual traveler’s adventures entail? Exploring, certainly. And probably some serious pyrotechnics.

Bay will be bringing Dora to the big screen via his production company Platinum Dunes. Little is known about the movie at this point but it is rumored to revolve around Dora moving into the city to live with her cousin Diego, who you may know from his spinoff show Go, Diego, Go!. Paramount Pictures, which is distributing the film, is reportedly expecting the movie to be released sometime in 2019.

Explosion and boob enthusiast Michael Bay certainly seems like a strange person to be attached to an animated show that primarily targets kids under the age of six. But his only involvement seems to be through Platinum Dunes, his production company. Up to this point, Platinum Dunes has primarily produced horror movies, such as The Purge series but it also produced the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, so the company has some experience with kid’s entertainment.

Dora and diego

Nicholas Stoller has reportedly signed on to develop the script for the Untitled Dora Movie, which is a great sign. Stoller has proven himself as one of the best screenwriters in Hollywood, having written both of the most recent Muppet movies, as well as Storks and the Captain Underpants Movie. If anyone has the chops to bring Dora to the big screen with her heart and humor in-tact, it’s Stoller.

Dora the Explorer has been a massive hit for Nickelodeon since it debuted back way back in 2000, following the titular voyager and her pet monkey named Boots as they overcome obstacles and make new friends on their neverending search for the dopest shit on earth. The show ended its initial run in 2015 but a sequel series called Dora And Friends: Into the City debuted the same year and wrapped up its second season last year.