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Dora the Explorer Faces the Perils of High School in Live-Action Trailer

The trailer is filled with beloved characters, exciting action, and a bit of meta-humor.

The newest craze in kid’s movies are live-action movies, with remakes like Beauty & the Beast and Aladdin proving to be massive hits at the box office. And now, Nickelodeon appears to be following the trend with Dora & The Lost City of Goldwhich features Dora as a teenager who is now forced to face her greatest challenge yet: high school.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Lost City of Gold could be Indiana Jones for kids, as the titular explorer is on an adventure to rescue her parents who disappeared while searching for a mysterious ancient Incan city of gold. Teen Dora is shown to be a total badass, as she leads her cousin Diego and a few of her high school classmates on this epic quest. Along with Diego and Dora, there are appearances from several other beloved characters from the original show, including Boots and Swiper, who is hopefully still trapped inside the rules of having to give up on stealing as long as someone tells him not to three times.

The trailer isn’t just for kids, as it also shows a bit of self-awareness by featuring some clever meta-humor aimed at some of the more absurd elements from the original series. Early on in the trailer, we see Dora as a child and she speaks to the audience like she famously does in the show. However, we get to see this from the perspective of her parents, who are confused as to who their daughter is talking to. Her high school classmates are also confused by several aspects of her life, including her penchant for carrying around a knife and her close friendship with a monkey named Boots. Maybe Brian Regan will show up to do his tight-five on the absurdity of Dora’s singing map.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is set to be released on August 2.