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Don’t Watch Marvel’s Official Stan Lee Tribute Video Unless You Want to Cry


As the reactions and reflections about the passing of Marvel legend Stan Lee evolve from breaking news to historical fact, Marvel Comics itself has released a video which may be the most succinct tribute yet. And it’s also one that will be very emotional for older fans of the comic book legend.

On Wednesday, Marvel and Disney published a video celebrating the life of Stan Lee, which brief insights from some of the powers-that-be at Marvel comics itself. Beginning with a 1968 video from Stan Lee talking about why representing the voices of young people was so important to him.

“We’re going to try to present a voice…a voice that is needed…and hopefully that voice will be ours,” he says. Then, some of Marvel’s current employees take great pains to remind us that the reason why Stan Lee was so successful was not just because of his creations, but because of the exuberant personality behind those creations. Tom Brevoort, the executive vice president, and executive editor of Marvel calls this a mixture of “self-effacing and self-aggrandizing at the same time.” And the thing is, he’s got a point. How many comic book editors can the average person name? The answer is probably just one: Stan Lee. And that’s because Lee himself, as a persona, was dynamic and interesting.

In a more contemporary interview, Lee explains his goal of his popular, and progressive essays “Stan’s Soapbox” was to make sure that issues of Marvel comics didn’t seem “disposable.”

“I wanted them [the readers] to feel like buying a Marvel book was like visiting an old friend.”

And right now, for millions of readers, that statement is still very true.