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Don’t Watch the Viral Harry Potter Fan Film With Your Kids

One fan film to rule them all.

For diehard and casual fans alike, most fan-made films are disappointing. The acting is, way more often than not, bad and the production values necessitate distracting choices. So, when Tryangle Films launched a Kickstarter for their first film, a Harry Potter spinoff called Voldemort: Origins of the Heir, people had every right to be skeptical. But, here’s the thing, the movie is super good. Like, shockingly good and, for that reason, suddenly very popular on YouTube. Kids are pumped about it and that’s great, but if you’ve got little ones you probably should give it a miss and enjoy it on your own.

While the original Warner Brothers Harry Potter films accommodated the source material by getting progressively darker as the series and actors matured, none of the films were made quite like Origins of the Heir, which is cut like a dramatic-thriller and takes the tone of a spy film. The story opens with one of the main character’s Grisha McLaggen Jr. storming through a dim warehouse full of Russian Aurors and just wrecking everybody. After she’s captured the story is then told in a series of flashbacks meant to explain Tom Riddle’s metamorphosis into Lord Voldemort.

There are a lot of specific references for fans and plenty of reason to believe young readers would eat it up. But there’s also enough violence to guarantee subsequent sleepless nights. 

The filmmakers apparently decided they needed to explore this particular story in film after reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince two years ago. Warner Brothers told Tryangle to shut down the Kickstarter until Tryangle agreed to make sure that Origins of the Heir was a non-profit film. The almost hour-long film has gotten millions and millions of views since it was released 9 days ago and went viral roughly a week after that.