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Why Donating Cribs Helps Families in Times of Crisis

Cribs may seem less essential, but they provide a huge relief for families seeking shelter.

The worst of Hurricane Harvey may be over, but the storm’s catastrophic effects are still being felt by those who were caught in its path. Floodwaters continue to rise, tens of thousands of people have been forced to seek shelter, and local officials have confirmed at least 30 flood-related deaths. An event of this magnitude will devastate entire communities long after the rain stops and, across the country, people have been donating food, clothing, and money to help those in Houston, Corpus Christie, and other cities get what they need to survive. But according to several organizations, one of the best ways you can help is by donating a crib.

The American Red Cross has set up an Amazon Wish List that lets people buy certain items that provide a service for those in need and one of the seven items listed is a Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard crib. Save the Children’s Hurricane Harvey Children’s Relief Fund similarly emphasizes the importance of cribs, stating, “A gift of $100 can provide a secure crib for a little one living in a shelter, help supply a safe space in shelters for 20 displaced children or many other items that are needed to care for the littlest survivors.”

A crib may not seem like an essential item during a time like this, but without one, families in shelters can struggle to get their baby to sleep and keep their child safe. After Hurricane Sandy, the New York City Health Department partnered with Cribs for Kids® to get cribs to families who had been affected by the storm. You can also donate that old crib you have locked away in storage, although you’ll need to check when it was manufactured, as cribs made before 2010 are not considered safe and cannot be donated. Whether you donate a new crib, food, or money, every donation, no matter how small, helps people who desperately need it right now.