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Trump Agrees to Let 11-Year-Old Mow the White House Lawn

Enjoy a rare moment of peace during Trump's presidency.

Earlier this summer, an 11-year-old kid named Frank made headlines when he sent a letter to President Trump offering to mow the White House lawn. Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced Frank will get the chance to live out his ultimate chore fantasy, as the White House groundskeeping team has agreed to have him help with the landscaping work in the Rose Garden.

Sanders expressed Trump’s excitement for Frank’s visit, saying, “The president is committed to keeping the American Dream alive for kids like Frank and we’re all looking forward to having him here.”

the white house

Frank will visit the White House on Friday. In his original letter, the young Virginian even offered to bring his own supplies to get the job done, though it seems likely the groundskeeping crew will let him use their tools. He also said he would be happy to do some weed whacking at the White House, which really demonstrates Frank’s commitment to the underappreciated art of lawn maintenance. Now, the whole world will get to see Frank’s talent on display as he finally heads to the White House for a fun-filled day of lawn mowing, weed whacking, and memory making.

Is this likely be seen as a manipulative ploy by the President to get some good press? Sure, but Trump is hardly the first President to use kids for sympathy. So let’s all recognize this for what it is: a nice gesture that lets a young kid live out his unusual request.