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Don Jr. Gave an Interview in 2007 Where He Talked About Trump’s Penis Size

We now know more about the Trump family's genitals than we ever wanted to.


Donald Trump is no stranger to alluding to the size of his penis; he’s so enamored with the topic that he even felt compelled to bring it up in a presidential debate. In a truly textbook “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” moment, a bizarre 2007 interview with Don Jr. – wherein he discussed both his father’s and his penis size on the Adam Carolla Show – has resurfaced, and it’s an Oedipal nightmare.

The interview, which, naturally, took place in the Playboy Mansion,  also covered a handful of topics vital to business, politics, and culture. Just kidding, it’s pretty gross. Topics included a discussion on how hard it is to be “at the Playboy Mansion with a pregnant wife,” the age gap between his then-pregnant wife and his step-mother turned first-lady Melania Trump, just exactly how many Miss USAs he had slept with, and most importantly, whether he or his father had the “bigger package.”

After letting Carolla know that he will “get fired for this,” Don Jr. assured the host that “they’re both pretty substantial, I think.” As weird as it sounds, Donald Trump’s junk has already been in the news this week, so what’s a little father-son penis bonding between friends? 

The Internet and political commentators have noted, over and over, that Don Jr. seems to have a lot of unresolved ddaddy issues. These resurfaced comments take his desire to self-loathingly massage his father’s ego to a whole new level. During the interview, Corolla asked him if he was attracted to his step-mother. Rather than just saying something along the lines of ‘No. God no.’ and then withering like a normal person, Don Jr. simply replied “I think she’s a very lovely lady.” 

In Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, the psychoanalyst wrote about the Oedipal complex, or the unconscious sexual-desire a child might have for the opposite-sex parent. While Melania isn’t his biological mother, there’s something off here. Between making a handful of odd comments both about her attractiveness and praising his father’s nether region, it wouldn’t be too shocking if Don Jr. was unknowingly navigating the creepy-ass subtext of his own psyche.

Don Jr.’s dad is no stranger to making unsettling – bordering on incestual – comments about Don’s sister (and White House advisor), Ivanka Trump. So, maybe he got the creepy gene from Trump Sr.. but it might be good for Jr. to learn that the size of your dad’s penis is just one of many things that will influence the size of your own. Two men can actually have the same father and vastly different packages. It might be time to rope in Eric Trump for his take on this. On the other hand, maybe we’ve all suffered enough.