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Trump Jr. Gets Roasted Online for Mocking ‘Loser Teachers’ During Speech

People are not having it.


Donald Trump Jr. is facing criticism for controversial comments he made during a rally speech in Texas on Monday. People on social media are attacking the president’s son for saying that “loser teachers” are responsible for spreading socialism in the U.S.

“You know what I love? I love seeing some young conservatives,” he told the crowd that had gathered in El Paso. “Because I know it’s not easy. Keep up that fight. Bring it to your schools. You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth. You don’t have to do it.”

Many Americans were not amused by Trump Jr.’s remarks, particularly those who are teachers. Following his speech, people took to Twitter to slam the eldest Trump son and defend the nation’s educators.

“Donald Trump Jr. has got to be the biggest idiot to ever walk the Earth. Clearly, he’s angry at #LoserTeachers bc no matter how hard they tried, his teachers could never teach him basic logic,” tweeted one woman.

Comedian Sarah Silverman also had some choice words for Trump Jr., saying that everything from his speech was an “insanity-level lie.”

Another fired off, “I am one of those ‘loser teachers’ and I will do more good in the next five days in my classroom than you will do in the rest of your sorry life. You are the broken progeny of a failure of a father. Try breaking the cycle and being your own man. #beBetter.” Many other teachers voiced similar sentiments, including Dr. Nancy Richmond.

Author Anne Ursu said that spreading an anti-teacher message was an “interesting message” for the Republican Party.

And Norma De La Rosa, president of the El Paso Teachers Association, wants people to remember the importance and value of teachers. She told KVIA, “An astronaut, or an auto mechanic or whatever it is, career that you chose, it’s a teacher that has led you to that, guided you that way to help you succeed and be successful in life as an adult.”