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Donald Glover Admits It Was ‘Weird’ Watching His Son Play With New Lando Action Figure

The experience was even more meta because Glover's first 'Star Wars' toy as a kid was also a Lando figure.

Getty Images

Donald Glover is living out his every dream by playing the roguishly charming Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Solo movie. Earlier this month, Glover told Jimmy Kimmel that the first toy he ever played with was a Lando Calrissian action figure. It was a touching story about how a lifelong Star Wars fan finally got to be a part of the iconic galaxy far, far away. Last week, Glover appeared on Ellen and added even more delightful context to getting his dream role when he explained what it was like seeing his son play with an action figure of him as Lando.

During the interview, Ellen revealed the new action figures from the Solo movie (4:43), including Glover’s Lando. Glover said that the studio sent him some of the toys in advance, which he gave to his one-year-old son to play with. The Atlanta actor admitted that it was extremely strange seeing his son play with an action figure of himself, but it did not seem to phase his kid at all.

“It’s beautiful. It’s weird but beautiful,” Glover said about watching his son play with an action figure of him.

Glover said that the entire experience felt like a “full-circle” moment, as he suddenly was watching his son play with a Lando toy, which was the first toy he ever played with.