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Donald Glover Bought ‘Redbone’ Viral Star’s 113 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Donald Glover bought 113 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes from girl that went viral for "Redbone" remix.


During an appearance on the Late Show, actor-writer-comedian-musician and general jack of all trades Donald Glover made a Girl Scout’s day when he bought every single one of the cookies she was selling.

The girl scout in question is Charity Harrison, who posted a video of her rapping and singing about girl scout cookies over the beat to Glover’s hit song “Redbone.” As you might expect, that video quickly went viral, eventually reaching Glover himself, who expressed interest in meeting the little girl: “I would actually really like to buy some [cookies] from her.”

It was at that moment that Late Show host Stephen Colbert revealed that Harrison was actually in the audience. When she handed him the order form, Glover noted that her goal was to sell 113 boxes. Glover simply said: “I’ll take them all,” before revealing his favorite kind: “Obviously thin mints.”