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Don Cheadle Called a ‘Superhero’ for Trans Kids After What He Wore on ‘SNL’

Twitter is applauding him.


Don Cheadle hosted Saturday Night Live this week, but it isn’t his hilarious sketches that have generated buzz on social media—rather it’s his wardrobe choice, which made a powerful statement about transgender youth.

During the introduction for blues musician Gary Clark Jr., the 54-year-old changed into a black T-shirt with the words “Protect trans kids” written across the front.

Despite only wearing the shirt for a few seconds, Twitter is teaming with support and praise from people who commend Cheadle for taking a stand for transgender kids in America.

“@DonCheadle, as a trans civil rights pioneer, this is what we are fighting for! #ProtectTransKids #AlliesThatFuckingGetIt thanks for making a stand! Love you so much!” one user wrote.

Another parent said, “It fills my heart to see you using your platform to support kids like mine, I cannot express how much it means to all of us who love a transgender kid to know that our kids matter to people outside of our small worlds.”

The National Center for Transgender Equality also chimed in, tweeting, “Trans kids have a (super)hero in their corner now. Thank you @DonCheadle for using your platform to make such an important statement,” with the hashtags #ProtectTransKids and #WontBeErased.

Cheadle then responded to all of the attention on Twitter on Sunday. The actor and activist said, “I awoke to so much support and love!! thank you @nbcsnl for the opportunity to play and pay respect and throw shade in an historic space in an historic time. keep fighting, y’all. evil grows in the dark.”