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Domino’s —That’s Right, Domino’s — Now Has a Baby Registry

Because a wedding registry wasn’t enough.

Domino’s, in their increasing bid to dominate the important milestones and the gift giving that comes with it, have now started their very own baby registry. That’s right, now you can register for a big ‘ole thin crust pizza or lava cake when your partner has a bun in the oven. 

The registry was announced in partnership with Gugu Guru, a company that helps expecting parents craft a baby registry that accurately reflects their lifestyle and income. The Domino’s list is tailored for all different types of parents at all stages of the prenatal stage to first-year milestones. Now, through them, you can have a registry that reflects your true love: mediocre pizza. 

Is your partner you pregnant, hormonal, and hungry for some lava cake? Your friends can pick out the “Hormonal and Hangry” pack or the “Pregnancy Pack.” If you’ve just had your baby, and you and your partner need some much-warranted me-time, make sure your mother-in-law checks out the “Newborn Lockdown.” The list goes on.

The registry also includes stationery, games, some Domino’s branded gear, and more. Throwing a baby shower? Why not have a diaper pizza rather than the traditional (and abhorrent) chocolate-filled diapers. 

Does anyone need this? No. But the creators of the pizza tracker have a knack for good gimmicks. If they don’t get actual registry sign-ups, they’ll  at least get some buzz worthiness. If a thin crust pizza is on your registry, then head to the website on November 29.