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Apparently Everyone Is Ordering Domino’s Pizza During the Lockdown

Sales are up and the company is going on a hiring spree.


Domino’s is not the best pizza around, but it is been the best-selling pizza in the world. And according to just-released figures, it’s becoming even more popular in the age of stay at home orders and social distancing.

Same-store sales in the United States grew by 7.1 percent from March 23 to April 19. Apparently, when faced with the choice between the ordeal of a grocery store visit — where social distancing can be tricky — and simply ordering delivery, plenty of folks are happy to take the easy way out.

Where lots of traditional restaurants are pivoting to take-out and delivery orders only, Domino’s doesn’t really need to change anything. It already has a robust delivery infrastructure that’s serving it well in this era of increased demand. It just needs to do more of the same.

Demand for its food is so great that Domino’s is hiring about 10,000 workers for full- and part-time positions even as layoffs hit the restaurant industry as hard as any during the pandemic. It needs delivery drivers and pizza makers for individual stores, customer service representatives, and managers and truck drivers for supply chain centers.

Growth on the home front will offset the 3.2 percent decline in same-store sales internationally over the same time period. Apparently, Americans are more inclined and equipped to get Domino’s delivered than folks in the other 90+ countries where the chain operates.

Domino’s competitors, including Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, have experienced similar spikes in sales and sought to hire more employees to meet demand.

As long as people are disinclined by government order or personal nervousness to leave their homes, sales at restaurants built to deliver — 55 percent of Domino’s orders are for delivery — are likely to remain high.

If you opt for delivery of Domino’s or anything else, remember to tip like your delivery person risked their life to bring you your food because, well, they did.