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Nobody Knows Why Dolphins’ Linebacker Lawrence Timmons Disappeared

Was it CTE? Was he looking for his daughter? Nobody has any idea.

The Miami Dolphins have suspended starting outside linebacker Lawrence Timmons indefinitely after Timmons unexpectedly disappeared over the weekend, even failing to show up for the team’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. Reportedly, Timmons left the team hotel on Saturday without permission after getting angry about something unrelated to football. The Dolphins called members of Timmons’ family and others close to him before deciding to file a missing persons report. On Sunday, Timmons returned to the team, but at that point, the Dolphins had decided that he would not be allowed to play week two against the Jets.

Timmons’ disappearance is strange for a number of reasons and there is still a lot unknown about the situation.  Timmons’ absence was first noted by the team on Saturday night during a room check. And he has returned to the team but has now been suspended. Beyond that, everything is basically speculation.

Lawrence Timmons of the Miami Dolphins

According to reports, the police found Timmons at LAX Sunday morning, where he was according to TMZ, en route to see his daughter. Per the gossip site, Timmons, had spoken to the wife of his child who lives in Los Angeles and “had told her he missed the baby and wanted to visit. He was serious about visiting her.” There have also been reports that Timmons’ disappearance may be related to CTE, a deterioration of the brain common in football players and others who experience a lot of head trauma, although there seems to be no basis for that claim beyond Timmons’ unpredictable behavior. At this point, all of this is just speculation.

Before this, the 31-year-old Timmons, a first round draft pick in 2007, had not been someone to demonstrate any character issues. He’s by all accounts an admirable man who does a lot of charitable work. Perhaps as more details emerge, we will begin to understand what exactly happened that cause Timmons to disappear on the night before his team’s first game. But for now, all we can do is wish Timmons best of luck and health as he tries to leave this bizarre incident behind him.