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Becoming a Dog Nanny Now Pays More than Being a Human Nanny

Dogs are hard to take care of, sure. But this is nuts.

While owning a dog isn’t the same as raising a kid, at least one couple is willing to shell out private school tuition kind of money to ensure that their two dogs are properly taken care of.

The couple, residents of the tony neighborhood of Knightsbridge in central London have two golden retrivers, Milo and Oscar. They posted a job listing for a “live in dog carer & housekeeper” with an eye-popping salary: £32,000 to £35,000, or $41,229 to $45,094.

It’s a live-in position, which means you’d have your own room in the couple’s six-story townhouse. Depending on how you look at it, that could be either a good thing—free rent in a fancy house in a nice part of town—or a bad thing—you have to live with your bosses.

The schedule is Monday to Friday with some weekends, a testament to the busy schedule of the Milo and Oscar’s owners, international businesspeople who travel often for work.

Canine responsibilities include morning and evening daily walks, liasing with the dog walker and cleaner, and managing Milo and Oscar’s vet appointments, insurance, and the like.

Unfortunately, caring for the dogs isn’t the only part of the job. Housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, greeting visitors, answering the phone, occasional light cooking for a vegan, and running errands are also required.

And while it’s a bummer that the entire job isn’t dog-centric, the starting salary and the chance to bond with Milio and Oscar—both of whom we assume are very good boys—makes this a good opportunity for the right dog-loving Londoner.