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New Scientific Database Tracks All The Animals That Fart (And Ones That Don’t)

Kids look to their parents for a lot of things, but sometimes it’s simply to hear those 3 little words: Does is fart? Finally, some very mature scientists are lighting a fire under your kid’s butt about biology (and blowing a big cloud of sulfur through it) by asking just that. Not only did they start the hashtag #DoesItFart, they compiled all the answers into this blast of a database.


This effort, (or effart, if you will) started when London zoologist Dani Rabaiotti tried to answer her little brother’s question about if snakes make the elusive brown noise. Although she admits this is the most popular question among kids, she did not know about snakes specifically, so she asked snake expert David Steen who confirmed they do. You try swallowing mice whole without getting a little gassy.

“I don’t know if animal flatulence questions can serve as a significant gateway to a greater appreciation of biodiversity,” Steen told The Washington Post. “But it is always fun to see what captures people’s attention.” And by “people” he means “kids,” because that’s who this spreadsheet of 70-plus farters and non-farters is for. Among other things, it will teach your youngster that manatees fart nearly constantly, which explains their facial expressions. But if your kid is the exception and not into the farticulars, the database also catalogs which animals puke. Unsurprisingly, it’s not as robust.

[H/T] New York Magazine