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DJ Khaled is Planning His Son’s First Birthday with Puff Daddy

What more would you expect from an infant who's already produced a platinum album?

Last night, DJ Khaled stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to brag about all the incredible things his son Asahd has done in his first year of his life and to explain his plan to throw him what sounds like the most elaborate first birthday party ever.

Before talking about birthday plans, Khaled explained that, despite not even being old enough to form complete sentences, Asahd is already one of the most prolific music producers around. How? Because Khaled decided to make him the lone executive producer on his album Grateful, which has already managed to go platinum less than four months after its release. Talk about a prodigy.

After gushing about his son’s producing skills, Khaled informed Kimmel that Asahd’s first birthday was approaching later this month and that only one person would be able to help him take his son’s party to a historically dope level: Puff Daddy, the man responsible for throwing the legendary white parties. Khaled got excited just thinking about the cool shit he and Puff are planning planned, but Kimmel noted that Asahd might be a little too young to ever remember the details of such a bash. Khaled explained, however, that his son is a “king” and the idea of not pulling out all the possible stops is simply out of the question. Plus, first birthday parties are for parents anyway.

Kimmel kicked off the birthday festivities a bit early by giving Khaled a few gifts for Asahd: a fake key to the city of New York and some Brooklyn artisanal butter. Hopefully, neither of those get eaten by the pet tiger Puff is most definitely getting Asahd to celebrate his first year of life.