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Build A Nerf Artillery Launcher With Stuff From The Hardware Store

Not too long ago, you learned how to make A-10 flying warthog that shoots Nerf balls at your kid. You may have consequently learned that it’s not easy to procure a mini flying tank, especially if your spouse is a stickler for rules. Enter maker and YouTuber NightHawkInLife with a more accessible DIY kid-pelting project: A Nerf Artillery Launcher that shoots upwards of 100 feet. That’ll get ’em running.

Ironically, it doesn’t require purchasing of any actual Nerf products (a bonus if you think Hasbro has had it too good for too long). Instead, you make the arrows from pool noodles (brands with the narrowest core will fly furthest) and the launcher with PVC tubing. The adapters and reducers are easily fused together with primer and cement. (The full list of parts is available on Instructables.) Unlike a lot of projects, it does not require any special tools or modifications and you can use the parts right off the shelf. Oh, and it’s totally safe for your kid to use — if you’re willing to give them a turn.

If you’re familiar with the work of Night Hawk Projects, this is a deep cut dating back to 2014. If not, he notes in the YouTube description that mastering this one will help you with some of his other projects. So, if you’re not up for the cheese ball gun, this may be a more practical place to start. Plus, it’s always good to get Junior started on the classics.