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Watch This Dad Build an Amazing DIY Millennium Falcon For His Two Sons’ Halloween Costume

Miniature Chewbacca and Han Solo are trick or treating in style!

Credit: ecastro/Flickr, Sean Lehmkuhl/Facebook

Since 1977 Star Wars Halloween costumes have dominated the trick or treating galaxy. And, back in the day, before all the prefab Lucasfilm and Disney-approved costumes, you had to make your own Star Wars stuff. I have older cousins who affectionally told tales of my aunt spinning them homemade Princess Leia buns, and busting out that blow-dryer to get that feathery Luke Skywalker ’70s hair just right. But, luckily, it turns out the DIY Star Wars spirit is alive and well on Halloween in 2019. In Cincinnati, Ohio, one father built a custom, ridable  Millennium Falcon for his two young sons.

The kids, dressed as Han Solo and Chewbacca for Halloween, are clearly the luckiest kids on the block as they take their rolling, impressive Falcon out for a ride. Other dads, who didn’t build a custom-made Millennium Falcon for their kids are still good dads, but right now, this guy and his little space smugglers are clearly winning Halloween.

The dad’s name is Sean Lehmkuhl, and in the video he posted, it’s clear he put a ton of love and effort into the ship. But, it’s also clear, he’s built other Star Wars vehicles for his kids, before. As his sons walk out to the driveway to see the Millennium Falcon, they pass by a landspeeder, like the one Luke Skywalker had in the original Star Wars film. Though a toy version of that does exist that you can buy, it seems like  Lehmkuhl made that, too.

Is Halloween partially a Star Wars holiday? For these kids — and several others like them — the answer is clearly, a big yes.