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Your Chances Of Getting Divorced Could Depend On The Time Of Year

As much as wedding season sucks, divorce season is much worse. Not only is there no open bar, it’s a lot more expensive, and people aren’t happy when you try to register for gifts. When a team of sociologists from the University of Washington analyzed divorce filings between 2001 and 2015, they found that divorces peak during the months of March and August.

Time Of Year Most Couples Get Divorced

Researchers believe there are a number of reasons for this, but for most married couples the kids are a big priority. That’s why divorcing during the holidays and summer vacation isn’t ideal, and many parents wait until after. For some couples, the holidays and summer can also give them some hope for reconciliation. If this isn’t achieved by August, parents often opt to get the breakup ball rolling before school starts — especially if it affects where the kids attend school.

As tempting as it is to blame March Madness, the only thing college basketball is causing is more vasectomies among married men. Instead, experts think that couples wait until March rather than right after the New Year because that’s how long it takes to figure out finances, find a lawyer, and decide who gets to keep the Keurig, among much other things. (Though they must suspect Valentine’s Day has something to do with it too.)

The good news is that if it didn’t feel like divorce season already, you’re probably not on the verge of filing. The bad news is March and August come once a year, so consider being extra careful leading up to those months. If you’re really worried, there are graphs that will give you a better idea of your divorce odds. Either way, congratulations on making it through another season (turn, turn, turn).

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