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Divided Couple Will Raise Baby as Chargers Fan After Win Over 49ers

Their loyalties divided, one California couple agreed to let the outcome of Sunday's game decide their child's favorite team.

Twitter: Darren Rovell

For true sports lovers, fandom is sacred. Every mom and dad dreams of the day that they’ll be able to pass their life-long devotion to a favorite sports team onto their children. For Saul and Lieste Gomez, a California couple with their first child on the way, the situation was a little more complicated. Saul is a 49ers fan. Lieste cheers for the Chargers. Both were determined to bring their future child into their respective fanbase. Not only that, they needed a way to tell their friends they were pregnant to begin with.

So what did they do? Rather than flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors, the two came up with an ingenious wager to decide their son’s fandom and announce they were having a baby: they posted a picture on Twitter that declared the winner of yesterdays Chargers-49ers game would be their kid’s future team ⏤ NFL baby onesies and all.

“We wanted to do something different to announce that we would be having a baby boy,” Saul told ESPN. “So we figured with me being a lifelong 49ers fan and her being a lifelong Chargers fan, that this would be the perfect way to do it.”

At first, it appeared that Saul would get his way. The 49ers jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. The Chargers tied up the game by halftime, however, and ended up pulling out the 29-27 win thanks in large part to quarterback Philip Rivers, who threw for 250 yards and three touchdowns.

“I’m happy for her,” Gomez said. “She’s kind of a sore loser, so I was worried about winning.”

Of course, any die-hard sports fan knows that at the end of the day every kid chooses their own favorite team. So while their son may start life rooting for the Chargers, there’s always a chance he’ll end up disappointing them both by becoming a Raiders fan as an act of teenage rebellion.