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Disney’s Star Wars Park Has an Opening Date, Kind of

Now we know the seasons, but it looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer before there are specific opening dates.


Fans have been eagerly awaiting the opening day for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new immersive Star Wars themed section of Disney’s Anaheim and Orlando parks. It’s been known for a while that the park would open sometime in 2019, but now there’s even more information about when exactly. Based on a quick promotional teaser, Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland’s Anaheim Resort will open in — drumroll please — Summer 2019 and the Walt Disney World Resort version in Orlando will open in late Fall of the same year.

There are still no specific opening dates, but both parks have been under construction for some time. There’s a good chance that the Summer opening date will be before, or be tied to, Disney’s D23 Expo which is taking place from August 23rd to 25th. D23 is usually when Disney makes a lot of big announcements about new films, parks, and products. That being the case, there’s a good chance that they would want to have at least one of the parks open before they promoting more new stuff through the next year.   

Disney has been rather tight-lipped about the nitty-gritty details surrounding the park’s various attractions. Still, we already know that there will be a neat looking Millenium Falcon ride, that the whole narrative will take place on the planet of  Batuu (which was invented specifically for Galaxy’s Edge), and that at some point visitors will be plopped right into the hangar of a Star Destroyer while a space battle between the Resistance and First Order rages on right outside the window.