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Some Disneyland Tickets Are Now $200 Bucks a Pop

But there are still some cheaper options.


Editor’s note: This story has been updated.

The happiest place in the world just got a whole lot more dreary for parents. Disneyland has increased some of its ticket prices to $200 each. If you have a family with more than one child, the dream of going feels even harder to reach now.

Ticket prices for several of their tiers, including Disneyland’s one-day, park-hopper ticket which allows guests to visit both Disneyland and California Adventure, will now run you $209 on high-demand days, which includes the weekends. Low-demand days, which are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, will be $159.  The cost of digital MaxPass and annual passes are also higher. The only cost that stayed the same is the parking, which is still $25 a day.

“A visit to our parks is the best value in entertainment bar none, and we offer flexible choices to enable families to choose what’s best for them,” Liz Jaeger, a Disneyland spokesperson, said in a statement.

Now, if you want to only go for one day and visit one park (this means only one part of Disneyland) there is a way around it. Another spokesperson for Disney pointed out that some limited-time-offer tickets are $67 dollars a day, and that if you only want to visit one park, for one day, there are still tickets priced at $104.

Cool, cool, but this price hike is not good news for budget-friendly parents who still want to give their children this experience. Yes, they are adding more features, like their last price hike which came around the same time as their new Star Wars attraction, Galaxy’s Edge, but it’s still a hard-to-swallow price jump. $200 per person is a lot of money, and the company isn’t known for giving out coupons or lowing prices—and we all know this isn’t the last time they’ll raise the prices.

We know that this price hike won’t kill the company, they likely know what they’re doing and if they see a drastic attendance drop, maybe they’ll come to their senses and make it more affordable. But, what this does do is make the attraction more of a dream and less of a plausible reality for so many families who want to give this experience to their kids.