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Disney’s Epcot Park is Getting a Makeover

Here's what visitors can expect.


Walt Disney World is undergoing some very exciting transformations over the next few years. In addition to the Star Wars theme park that’s opening this summer, Disney will also be making major changes to its Epcot Park, including a new interactive play space for kids.

What used to be the Wonders of Life pavilion (and home to the Body Wars and Cranium Command rides) will now become the Play Pavilion, the company announced in a press release on Thursday.

“This innovative, new pavilion is beyond anything we’ve ever created and is completely unique to Epcot,” Zach Riddley, a Walt Disney Imagineering executive, said. “Built on the power of play, it introduces an immersive and interactive ‘city’ where you can explore, create, and interact with some of your favorite Disney characters.”

Located in the Future World East area of the park, the Play Pavilion will resemble a mini-city, complete with colorful building facades and plenty of kid-friendly entertainment and activities.

The pavilion isn’t the only thing being upgraded. Not only will there be a new fountain and a lot of additional green space throughout the park but Epcot’s main entrance will also be getting a facelift.

Other cool developments in the works at Epcot include the Guardians of the Galaxy ride (which will be one of the longest indoor roller coasters in the world), the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction, and the new Beauty and the Beast sing-along in the France pavilion.

Disney has yet to announce an official opening date for the new changes, including the Play Pavilion, to be completed. However, it’s expected to be before the Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary which is in 2021.

“Epcot is a timeless place where the real is made fantastic through the magic of Disney,” president of Walt Disney World Resort, George Kalogridis, said in the press release. “It has a very bright future ahead and the best part is that we’ve only just begun to dream.”