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Disney World Is Raising the Price of Some Tickets, But Just a Little

The bigger change is the park's new calendar-based pricing model that charges more for tickets on busier days.


Starting on October 16, Walt Disney World in Orlando is raising the price of admission ⏤ but just a little bit. The park is switching to a date-based pricing model, which means tickets on busier days will cost more, while also rolling out a new ticket purchasing system. 

Currently, a single-day ticket to the park costs between $102 and $129. Once the new system is in place, the lowest ticket price will increase to $109. The top price will remain at $129. Disney is also getting rid of the per-day premium that only Magic Kingdom visitors had to pay.

Visitors can still purchase tickets from all the usual spots, including at the park, online via, or through a third-party vendor. Disney doesn’t seem to be changing the price or means of getting your hands on an annual pass either. Starting on the 16th, Disney will make the full calendar of daily prices available to the public and, and unlike airline tickets, they are guaranteed not to change at any point after release.

Thanks to the new pricing calendar, the per-day price actually decreases the longer you stay on vacation. Even better, the new calendar will sort out the cheapest days to visit ⏤ naturally, they’ll coincide with low volume travel periods.