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You Can Now Get Drunk at the Beauty and the Beast Bar at Disney World

Enchanted Rose is the latest addition to the burgeoning booze scene at Disney World.


Parents seeking a respite from a busy day at Disney World have a new place to relax with an adult beverage or two.

The Enchanted Rose, a bar inspired by the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, opened earlier this month at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The food is appropriately fancy—cheese plate, grilled octopus, even caviar—but it’s the drinks that childless Millenials and parents weary from a day (or days, God help them) at the parks will be most interested in.

There’s a solid selection of beers (a dozen) and wines (15) for adults to enjoy, but it’s the cocktails that are the stars of the show. Originals like the Floral Bitter Beauty—Hendrick’s Gin, St-Germain, Campari, Aperol, lemon, and soda—and Rye Not?—Whistle Pig Rye, Grand Marnier, Cordon Rouge, cinnamon, pineapple, and lemon—sit alongside classics like a Woodford Old Fashioned, a Tanqueray Negroni, and a Veuve Clicquot/Hendrick’s French 75.

There are also two tableside options, Amour and Envie, or Love and Envy, playing off the themes of the film. The Amour is sweet and delicate while the Envie is, appropriately, more herbal and bitters-forward.

The bar itself is split into four different sections. There’s a main bar with a huge chandelier inspired by Belle’s massive flowing gown, a garden room reminiscent of the enchanted forest outside the Beast’s castle, a patio that’s an homage to his terrace, and a library that looks straight out of a Baroque French mansion, complete with authentic furnishings.

And while it’s not within the confines of one of the parks, Enchanted Rose is part of a larger trend in the Walt Disney World Resort. A little over a year ago, the company added booze to all of its sit-down restaurants. The brand-new Galaxy’s Edge parks opened with their own cantinas. And there’s even an on-site brewery in the works for Downtown Disney in California.