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Disney Recalls Forky Due to Choking Hazard

Forky warned us.

Disney/U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Forky warned us not to make him a toy, but we turned a blind eye. And while an animated picnic utensil is hardly the most credible source, he apparently knew what was up. Yesterday, Disney and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) issued a voluntary recall on all 80,000 Forky plush toys that had been put on the market. According to the recall, the googly eyes on the 11-inch toy can detach, posing a choking risk to young children.

Forky, a brand new character in the newly-released Toy Story 4, quickly won the audiences’ hearts with his refreshing message about creativity and waste. Because he’s a DIY toy made out of a fork, pipe cleaner, and googly eyes, he’s inspiring families to get more crafty and less materialistic.

But then, you know, Disney totally went and mass produced a Forky toy. It’s obviously pretty silly (and tbh, a little hypocritical) that the toy was manufactured, considering the entire point of the character is that he’s constructed out of household items. But alas, Disney wouldn’t be Disney if they weren’t peddling us overpriced things we certainly don’t need. The “plush rendering” of Forky was sold nationwide at Disney stores, theme parks, and online and described a “craft project” with “poseable arms, rolling googly eyes and embroidered features.”

If you’ve purchased one of these toys, you can return it to Disney for a full refund. Then, do what you should have done in the first place and make your own DIY Forky with items you definitely already have in your home.