Disney Offered a Peek at Its Insane Future Star Wars Hotel

Guests and Star Wars nuts can be prepared for a seamless multi-day adventure.

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After announcing the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park last year, Disney doubled down on their fully immersive attractions at the Japan D23 Expo by announcing the opening of a Star Wars inspired hotel meant to be “seamlessly” integrated with Galaxy’s Edge.

Just like Galaxy’s Edge isn’t meant to just replicate two-dimensional movie sets, but rather to serve as a standalone experience, the new Star Wars hotel won’t just be a place to eat and sleep between park visits, the resort, heralded as the first of its kind, will be a literal part of the adventure. Guests who enter the hotel, which appears to be modeled after the interior of Mon Calamari frigates (*pushes glasses back up nose*), which were last seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The ship-like hotel is set to be docked on the planet Batuu and also, you know, California. The experience is meant to be so immersive that guests won’t be given a view of the outside world at all. Every resort window will instead come equipped with a breathtaking view of space and the occasional battle between hulking Star Destroyers will keep guests engaged. 

The preview is really, really short. But also extremely intriguing.

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